Walking the Margins

Margin Walker is a collaborative project by photographer  Fin Wright and artist Tracy Piper-Wright.

The aim of this project is to walk the first part of the North Wales coast path from the Welsh border on the Dee at Saltney to the seaside resort of Llandudno.  We’re not doing the walk in sequence, instead we’re picking our starting points on a whim and traversing a short route along the coast path and back each time.

This is a part of the world we know well, and have often walked.  The project is a chance for us to investigate and record a stretch of coastline that is perhaps somewhat unloved and a little mundane, certainly one that, on a cold blustery February, feels far from photogenic. We come to it with a sense of affection and a desire to share its quirks and small delights with those who might not have been here and those that are.

Visit the project website here