Experimental Film photography

I have a passion for cameras and collect and use old, outdated models to make my work.  For me the camera is more than a tool, it is a co-creator and conspirator with its own personality and perspectives which affect and guide the resulting photographs.  Since 2018 I have been working almost exclusively with film and only use digital processes to scan, print and finish, as I have become more excited by the possibility of physical processes in photography.

I am fascinated by chance and serendipity and bring these elements into my photography as much as I can through processes such as blind shooting, rewind and reshoot double exposures, and other methods which interfere with the ‘expected’ or normal ways of using cameras.  To paraphrase Vilém Flusser: I play with and against the camera. I have made a lot of work using plastic cameras like the Diana and Holga but more recently have started to use simple compacts from the 70s-80s and adapting older cameras like the Kodak Brownie 44 to take 35mm film instead of the original 127.  These modified cameras lead to situations where there is no film counter and so you guess the frames and shoot ‘blind’ which leads to overlapping frames and visual surprises.